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Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring soft sedimentary rock, which is normally processed into a very fine, off-white powder. This sedimentary rock is made up of the fossilized remains of diatoms (small aquatic microorganisms).

Diatomaceous earth is rich in silica, and contains varying amounts of natural clays and trace minerals. Each deposit of diatomaceous earth is unique in its composition. Gardeners and horticulturists have long used diatomaceous earth for several purposes, with Bonsai enthusiast often seen planting their bonsais entirely in diatomaceous earth.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is incredibly safe and organic, but please be careful not to inhale it. The abrasive particles can damage the soft tissue of the lungs.

The following list mentions the various uses of diatomaceous earth in your cannabis grow.

  • Diatomaceous earth is extremely abrasive on a microscopic level, and the tiny particles cut away at the exoskeleton of insects as though they were crawling through shards of broken glass. Insects (and their eggs and larvae), which come into contact with diatomaceous earth, dehydrate and die. Best of all, they cannot develop resistance to this type of organic pest control. To kill eggs, dust it on your leaves (top and bottom) for spider mites, and sprinkle it over the top layer of your soil for fungus gnats.
  • Moisture retention of your soil by holding water extremely well. It also takes much longer to dry. We do not recommend using diatomaceous earth in large quantities with our Just Cannabis soil, as the soil already has incredible water retention properties.
  • Diatomaceous earth improves plant stability by freeing up nutrients so that they are available to the plant, as it needs them.


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