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Cannabis users all over the world over are making the shift from conventional plastic pots to fabric grow bags.

Plastic pots are strong and lightweight; they are an excellent choice for plants that enjoy a moisture rich substrate, or for plants that are watered infrequently by their tender.

Here at Just Cannabis, however, we grow solely in grow bags or grow boxes. While grow boxes remain our absolute favorite, below we will discuss why grow bags are preferred to plastic pots amongst cannabis growers today. (For more information on grow boxes and an awesome video tutorial on how to make them, please see the section on grow boxes.)


  • In plastic pots, the roots of your cannabis plant can become constricted leading to less water or nutrient uptake. When the roots are growing and they reach the sides of the plastic pot, they begin encircling the pot in search of nutrients and water. In some cases the roots can continue to grow until the pot is filled to capacity, or ‘root-bound’. Fabric grow bags prevent this from occurring, and encourage air pruning and more fibrous root growth. Instead of growing more vigorously and disrupting the structural growth of the plant, the roots understand that they have reached their growth limit when they reach the sides of the grow bag and sense the dry soil and air exposure. Contrary to popular belief; an overgrown root system is not a healthy one.
  • Grow bags are more breathable than plastic pots and allow heat to escape from the soil. Hot roots are unhappy roots.
  • Storing fabric grow bags is easier and more discreet than conventional plastic pots. They are more versatile and take up minimal space. They often have handles, making them easier to move around.
  • The fabric used to make grow bags is porous, allowing water to drain much more efficiently than in plastic pots. This means that your cannabis plant’s roots will dry more thoroughly between watering, minimalizing the chance of root rot. It is much harder to overwater your cannabis plant if it’s in a fabric grow bag, because the water can run out in any direction.
  • Many grow bags manufactured these days are biodegradable, and are made from 100% recycled plastic. That’s sexier than a plastic pot any day of the week!


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