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NB! This is not the same as a ScrOG. We will get to that.

The concept of growing several small cannabis plants (as opposed to fewer and larger plants) is often referred to as a “sea of green”. The plants are all kept relatively small and at the same general height, creating the aesthetic impression of a green canopy.

The general pot size used with a ‘sea of green’ setup is around 15cm, or 4 to 6 liters. The plants will usually be fully mature when they reach a height of approximately 30 – 50cm.

The grower will often trim his cannabis plants using the ‘lollipop’ technique. In a nutshell, this means that all the bud sights and smaller colas on the cannabis plant under a certain height are removed from the plant, creating a lollipop effect. This allows all of the remaining bud sights enough exposure to the light from above.

The motivation behind this method of cultivation is that the grower can harvest his or her cannabis plant more quickly. The plant is not required to grow very big; therefor the vegetative phase can be shortened by a few weeks.

A sea of green does not produce a greater yield than other methods of growing; it simply allows the grower to harvest his or her yield faster.

Deciding on which method to use is completely based on personal preference.

Below we have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of a SOG.



  • Good yields
  • Easier to grow various strains simultaneously (but stick to either indicas or sativas)
  • Quick to harvest
  • Minimal time spent training your plants
  • Best method to maximize limited space (especially when vertical space is limited)
  • Best suited for indicas (sativas can grow to be tall and lanky)



  • Depending on your setup, it may be difficult to access plants further back in your grow area without having to move them around.
  • Keeping the ‘sea of green’ at a relatively even height may prove to be difficult, especially if you’re growing more than one strain. This will create conflict in deciding how high or low to hang your grow lights.
  • Pests and pathogens can spread easily and quickly.
  • If you are legally limited with regards to the number of plants you may cultivate, then this may not be the method for you.
  • Powdery mildew and mold are real concerns when plants are crammed too close together; make sure you have a strong fan with great circulation.


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