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H2O2, more commonly know as hydrogen peroxide, is something that many growers are afraid to experiment with. This is partly due to lack of education on exactly what hydrogen peroxide is. A lot of people associate hydrogen peroxide with their mom’s hair bleach, and they believe that it’s some kind of ‘gnarly chemical’,
Water is H2O: two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule. When an additional oxygen molecule binds to water, it becomes H2O2; two hydrogen molecules and two oxygen molecules.
Pretty damn natural.
Having said that, hydrogen peroxide can be really dangerous – if not used safely and responsibly. Hydrogen peroxide is available in different concentrations (or volumes), and can range from ‘mild to potent’. The volume of hydrogen peroxide that we work with is usually 35% food grade peroxide. This is an incredibly high volume, and can severely burn your skin, eyes and anything else it comes into contact with (especially when undiluted). (For God’s sake; please be careful!) Many growers opt to use a much lower volume of hydrogen peroxide (as low as 3%). At the end of the day the volume you choose will affect the dilution ratio.


Hydrogen peroxide is something that every grower should have in his or her arsenal. The following is a list of the many uses of H2O2 for your cannabis plants. Not all of these uses for H2O2 are suitable or recommended for use with our Just Cannabis soil.

• Diluting hydrogen peroxide with water as a soil drench is a great way of giving the roots of your plants an oxygen This will help boost their root development. We do not recommend this treatment when using Just Cannabis soil, as the H2O2 will kill off the microbial activity in the soil.
• Use a mild dilution of H2O2 and water to pre-treat seeds for fungal infections. A stronger dilution can be used for fungal infection and root rot.
• Use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant for your gardening tools and grow area. A clean grow space is a happy grow space.
• A H2O2 soil drench is a great means of disinfecting soil. We do not recommend disinfecting the Just Cannabis soil, as the H2O2 will kill off the microbial activity in the soil.
• A mild dilution of hydrogen peroxide and water as a foliar spray is an incredible insect repellent and an insecticide. This mixture is safe enough to use on your cannabis plants every day, even on your buds! H202 kills an array of pests on contact; and if it doesn’t kill the pests, then it destroys their eggs. This is a must-have in your arsenal of pest prevention and control!

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