What is Cocopeat?

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Cocopeat, also often referred to as coco coir, coir, or kokos, is a product made from coconut husk, and is used as a growing medium for any plant, vegetable, or fruit grown in soil. Cocopeat is dark brown in colour, with a granular, spongy texture; it consists of coconut pith and coconut fibres.

Cocopeat is used globally by professional growers of any growing products: large-scale cannabis producers, wholesale nurseries, tunnel farmers, seedling growers, fruit tree growers, landscapers, and horticulturalists, to name but a few.

Benefits of using cocopeat:

Exceptional water-holding capacity: Cocopeat consists of millions of micro sponges, and it can absorb up to 1000% of its own weight in water in its dry form. This means that the cocopeat that is added to our Just Cannabis Soil can help you save and preserve water usage, and it reduces the risk of drying out the root zone of your growing medium.

Increased AFP / aeration: The coco fibres contained in cocopeat assists in raising the AFP (air-filled porosity) of the growing medium that cocopeat is added to. When the AFP in the root zone is higher, more oxygen is produced, which is a crucial element in promoting strong and early root development for your cannabis plants.

Stimulates beneficial soil microbes: As a result of the balanced combination of water-holding capacity and AFP present in cocopeat, cocopeat helps to create a perfect climate and environment for important and beneficial soil microbes to thrive in our Just Cannabis Soil.

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable: Coconuts, the primary source of cocopeat, have a low environmental impact; coconuts are harvested by hand, and do not require pesticides or herbicides to be grown. This makes cocopeat a much more environmentally-friendly and sustainable source of growing medium in comparison to other growing mediums, such as peat moss (which is produced by strip-mining topsoil in ancient forests).


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