Hobbyist Standard Kit

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  • Perfect for indoor Growing
  • Comprehensive light spectrum
  • Reduces heat in your indoor grow area
  • Locally made for Just Cannabis
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • No need to change bulbs from veg to flowering
  • Ideal for the Hobbyist Grower and more experienced growers alike

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“The all Rounder”

The Standard kit consists of our Smart Fabric Pot Kit with the added benefit of our Just Cannabis LED Grow light. For more information on the Smart Fabric Pot Kit and features please click here.

Our locally manufactured 100W LED Grow light has a broad light spectrum and can be used for both vegetative and flowering phase growing.

The Just Cannabis LED grow light contains 2 x built in fans and gives off less heat than other bulbs and reduces heat in your indoor growing area.

The Standard kit also comes with a timer to help you set the ideal lights cycle for your Cannabis plants and to induce flowering with the broad LED light spectrum.


Assembly Guide

Hobbyist Range

The Hobbyist range of growing products are specifically designed to help the beginner or intermediary grower to grow their own high quality Cannabis with ease.

The Hobbyist range includes our Growing kits, Grow Lights, Smart fabric pot system and our tried and tested Just Cannabis Craft Soil.

Our Hobbyist range products are available country wide and we have helped thousands of people grow their own awesome Cannabis in the privacy of their own home. To check out some testimonials from our clients click here.

Our Hobbyist Range is also proudly manufactured and assembled locally in South Africa by Just Cannabis and its partners.

Supporting local is always Lekker.

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Hobbyist Range

Standard Growing Kit

Grow Medium

Just Cannabis Soil

Grow Light

100W Full Spectrum LED


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