Rae One Grow Light

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  • Perfect for indoor Growing of Auto Flowering Cannabis Plants
  • Deep Light penetration
  • Veg and Flowering bulbs included
  • Easy to set up
  • The fantastic light penetration reduces popcorn nugget buds
  • Ideal for the Hobbyist Grower and more experienced growers alike

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“The Auto Light”

Our Rae-One light’s double-sided configuration helps light to penetrate the canopy leaves and increases light supply to the surface of your Cannabis plants’ leaves. The Rae-One is perfect for growing Auto Flowering Cannabis plants (Autos).

With 2 vegetative phase Metal Halide bulbs (4200K) and 2 flowering phase Metal Halide bulbs (3000K) included, you are set to grow your Autos all the way to huge buds.

Our Rae-One light makes the Auto kit perfect for growing Auto Flowering cannabis plants (Autos).


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