Hobbyist Compost Tea Veg Refill Kit



Specifically formulated Compost Tea bags to help you brew compost tea that will help your Cannabis plant to grow vigorously throughout the vegetative phase.

Box Contains:

  • 5 x Vegetative Phase tea bag satchels
  • Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses – 250 ml
  • Measuring cup (50 mm)

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How does it work?

The compost tea brewing process consists of adding the compost teabag (containing specific natural nutrients that feed beneficial microbes) to water and aerating it to introduce high levels of oxygen. The beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi multiply exponentially under these favourable conditions.


Benefits of Using Compost Tea in your soil:

  • Increases Beneficial Aerobic Microbes (bacteria and fungi) in your soil.
  • The Beneficial Microbes provide important plant nutrients in an easy to absorb form.
  • Plant nutrients are supplied directly to the root zone.
  • Reduces the need for large amount of synthetic fertilizer.
  • Helps protect your plants against disease and harmful pathogens.
  • Reduces water loss by improving the water holding capacity of your soil.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Hobbyist Range

The Hobbyist range of growing products are specifically designed to help the beginner or intermediary grower to grow their own high quality Cannabis with ease.

The Hobbyist range includes our Growing kits, Grow Lights, Smart fabric pot system and our tried and tested Just Cannabis Craft Soil.

Our Hobbyist range products are available country wide and we have helped thousands of people grow their own awesome Cannabis in the privacy of their own home. To check out some testimonials from our clients click here.

Our Hobbyist Range is also proudly manufactured and assembled locally in South Africa by Just Cannabis and its partners.

Supporting local is always Lekker.

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